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Book Launch: Unveiling God Bless You Devil Kiss You by Luna. J


In the vibrant city of Chennai, the Goethe Institute became the epicentre of literary excitement this September as Her Stories Foundation orchestrated a grand spectacle to celebrate the launch of several compelling books. Among the luminaries of the literary world was Luna. J, introducing her latest work, God Bless You Devil Kiss You, alongside other noteworthy releases from Her Stories Foundation.

The event was a testament to the power of words and the diverse voices that continue to shape the contemporary literary landscape. The event was not confined to book unveilings. Engaging panel discussions brought together literary luminaries, translators, and the authors themselves. Discussions ranged from the creative process behind each book to the broader themes that shaped their narratives.

Author Luna. J, also, offered insights into the art of translation and the challenges of translating an award-winning work from Tamil to English. Apart from Luna’s latest creation, the event also included many other literary jewels. Marudhan, an award-winning writer, contributed to the evening’s literary feast with his Tamil masterpiece which was translated into English by Luna. J. The translation added a layer of cultural richness, bridging the gap between languages and allowing a wider audience to experience writer Marudhan’s narrative brilliance.


“I’m surprised that you suddenly realize what consent means. But unfortunately, I’m not looking for your consent!”

Women who don’t conform to societal boundaries are usually stereotyped and termed as crude, crass, jaded, evil, not ‘woman-like,’ and many more. The women in this book successfully attempt to defy the defined roles and constraints to break-free from the chains of gender stereotypes and cultural oppression.

These are not mere tales of angels with pristine wings nor those of demons with wicked horns. No. These tales are about women who redefine the very essence of hell and heaven, good and bad, light and darkness; capable of blurring the boundaries between the infernal and the divine. It’s a world of rogue infernal princesses, mortal goddesses, exiled madwomen, formidable femme fatales, pet hellhounds, deadly witches, beautiful beasts, daring heretics, untimely dreamers, and many others.

“If you can imagine a beautiful and delicate butterfly with sharp-piercing claws, bloodshot eyes, then you have already begun to see her. From these stories that are as enchanting as fairy tales, a soft touch of magical realism stays with you, grows in you and gradually becomes a part of you. Deeply touching and emotionally stirring.”

  • Marudhan, award-winning author of Angels Witches Women.


At the centre of this literary storm was Luna. J, a young and dynamic author whose literary prowess has been steadily gaining recognition. God Bless You Devil Kiss You marked a significant milestone in Luna’s literary career, a book that promised to challenge conventional storytelling norms. She is a writer who pens dark stories with simplicity, brevity and magical realism. She goes through even the most chilling narrations in a very natural tone.

Luna’s voice emerges strong through her literary works, a voice that is classical, modern and feminist, all at once. Some of her works are also said to evolve into dark comedy while most of her writings are considered as enchanting as fairy tales.

Luna. J is not only an author but also a translator, showcasing her versatility by bringing writer Marudhan’s acclaimed work to an English-speaking audience under the title, Angels Witches Women. She is the recipient of many awards like 21st Century Emily Dickinson Award, Pages of Perfection Award, Aspiring Writers Award, 21st Century Jane Austen Award. This award-winning author is also an editor and a literary critic. Personally, this young author has an obsession for fountain pens and is notorious for answering a question with a question. When not fawning over her pets, Luna tend to write, read and get lost in libraries.

Apart from writing, Luna. J has also ventured into the art of camping and being under a tattoo gun, both kept in check by her worldly troubles and financial crisis. Her love for ink is endless, both on the paper and on the skin. Luna is known to dabble in fashion and magick to her heart’s content. Some of her peculiar interests include Mythologies, Legends and Lycanthropy.

Luna can be found smashing the patriarchy, challenging sexist culture and contradicting stereotypes regularly (things that would’ve gotten her burned at the stake, years ago). Luna. J is an ardent believer of happy endings; who reassures herself that it’s not the end if it’s not happy and works harder to achieve happiness, in the end. She lives in Chennai, with her loving family, friends and fur-babies. To find out more, follow @authorlunaofficial on Instagram.


Luna’s distinct voice, characterized by its blend of humour, introspection, worldly criticism and social commentary, was on full display as readers delved into the pages of her latest offering. Her works are mostly women-centric and empowering. Her writings are known to give voice for the voiceless. God Bless You Devil Kiss You is not Luna’s only foray into the literary realm. Her repertoire includes intriguing titles such as Her Harem Journal and the enigmatic What the Heaven!?

What the Heaven!?: For all those who feel poetry even in far-away echoes, here is a ferocious yet tender collection of J. Luna’s poetry; some old, some new but all solemnizing the self through self-love, self-discovery and self-acceptance. What the Heaven!? is a dark and deep stroll into the beautifully strange explorations of a young spinster over the years to understand the importance of the balance between DARKNESS and LIGHT.

Manifesting MAGIC both beautiful and terrible, these metaphorical and metaphysical poems, embrace the TRINITY of the DIVINE FEMININE: maiden, mother and crone, and celebrate sisters, daughters and mothers who goes unnoticed and unappreciated in the world of men. To begin with, this collection of poems was never intended to be made into a processed tree carcass yet here they are. Explore these intimately mystical poems of power and love, containing no fixed meter, rhyme or alliteration and, are only meant for ME and YOU but not for most people.

Her Harem Journal: Unrequited love. She has lived countless lives with it, always ending in a tragedy. This time, it’s different.

What can she do when there are multiple men claiming to be her ‘soulmate’ attempting to court her after she failed at romance in multiple lifetimes? Will she be able to survive this or will this break her again? This time, once and for all.

A journal where a woman’s past and present collides, leaving the future as a question mark. Is there such a thing called happy ending?


As the evening unfolded, the audience was treated to a literary feast. Among other exciting events, the launching of God Bless You Devil Kiss You was a moment of anticipation, with Luna’s fans, friends and family eagerly awaiting a narrative that promised to challenge conventions and offer a unique perspective on life, love, and everything in between.

This event was not just about books; it was about building connections and fostering a literary community. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with authors, translators, fellow readers, and members of Her Stories Foundation. The exchange of ideas and shared enthusiasm created an atmosphere of camaraderie that extended beyond the event itself.


There’s a warrior I know, not forged in fire, but in ink. Her weapon? Words. Sharp and shimmering, woven into tapestries that dazzle and bite. I call her friend, but on nights like this, when the air crackle with her brilliance, she morphed into something more – a phoenix birthed from stories, wings alight with tales of angels and demons, of justice and romance, of a feminism that kissed like fire and roared like thunder.

Her name, etched in every page of her latest masterpiece, God Bless You Devil Kiss You, was a banner unfurled against the shadows. The book launch wasn’t just an event, it was a revolution brewing in a cup of chamomile tea, whispered secrets shared like spells, and eyes sparkling with the promise of change.

But through the fire and fury, the laughter and tears, she wove a tapestry of hope. Justice, she whispered, wasn’t just a word in a courtroom, it was a rebellion simmering in a cup of tea shared with strangers, a hand extended to the fallen, a voice raised against the tide of apathy.

And romance? Ah, romance. It wasn’t about roses and candlelit dinners (though there were those too, don’t get me wrong!), it was about the quiet courage it takes to love, to be vulnerable, to open your heart in a world that often tries to steal it. It was about finding light in the darkest corners, a flicker of warmth in the face of the unknown.

As the last echoes of her voice faded, I knew I wasn’t just leaving a book launch, I was leaving a revolution. My friend, the warrior woman with inked wings, had shown us a world where angels and demons weren’t just characters in a book, but forces shaping our own lives. She had given us the courage to fight, to love, to hope, with the fiery whisper, “God bless you, devil kiss you!”

This, my friends, is not just a review of a book, it’s a tribute to the woman who wrote it, a testament to the power of words, and a call to arms for all of us who dream of a world where angels and demons coexist, not in some celestial realm, but within our own hearts, where the fight for justice is a waltz with the devil, and love, oh love, is the magic that binds it all together.

So go forth, dear readers, and find your own stories, your own battles, your own inked wings. And when you do, remember my friend, the warrior woman with a voice that will never be silenced, a voice that whispers, “God bless you, devil kiss you!”


Nestled in the heart of Chennai, the Goethe Institute played host to this literary extravaganza. The Institute, known for its commitment to fostering cultural

exchange, provided an elegant backdrop for an event that transcended boundaries. The fusion of German aesthetics with the rich cultural tapestry of Chennai created an ambiance that set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Behind the scenes, the Her Stories Foundation which is an NGO turned into a publication, emerged as the mastermind orchestrating their literary symphony. With a mission to amplify women’s voices in literature, the foundation has been at the forefront of promoting diverse narratives. The book launch event was a testament to their dedication, creating a platform not only for established authors but also for emerging talents like Luna J.

The book launch event wasn’t just a showcase for individual talents; it was a celebration of Her Stories Foundation’s literary legacy. The foundation has been a driving force in championing stories that often go unheard, and the diverse array of books launched at their event showcased the foundation’s commitment to fostering a rich tapestry of voices.

The event was a celebration of storytelling, cultural exchange, and the enduring power of literature to unite us all in the shared human experience. As the night concluded, attendees left with a renewed appreciation for the written word and a sense of anticipation for the literary wonders yet to be unveiled by Her Stories Foundation and the talented authors it champions.

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