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BM BINDRA MOBILES – Best Mobile Repairing Service in Mahilpur, Punjab

The customer base for the mobile phone industry has grown phenomenally. People are no longer able to live without their phones and mobile phones have become one of the most important things in a person’s life. The future of smart phones is great.
Nowadays mobile phone has become an important part of our life. One of the worst things that can happen to us is our phone breaks or gets damaged. Now, in such a situation, we get in the dilemma whether to fix the damaged phone or buy a new one?

If you are experiencing problems with your phone or your phone has got damaged, remember that your device may be repairable before buying a new one.
It is not wrong to replace your current phone with a new one but it can affect your budget as buying a smartphone can be quite expensive.
In most cases, regardless of the manufacturer, repairs are going to be much cheaper than buying a new smartphone.
So, if your device has a broken screen, liquid damage, charging issue, battery issue or any other similar defect, it is best to go for repairs rather than spend hundreds of bucks on getting a new one.
Repairing your phone saves you time as well as money.

If you are facing mobile phone related problems or you want high quality mobile accessories.

Contact at 9855505588 or 9478400088
Punjab/ Mahilpur.

The company has pretty good experience of 20 years. Since last 2 years he has built their own brand.

Founder- Mr. Parwinder.
Co-founder- Mr. Aryan.

He has team of four people.
They offer high quality mobile accessories like headphones, neckband, speakers, charger, cable, buds, airpods, handfree, car charger under their own brand at affordable price.

You can also contact them or follow them on following Social media sites.
Instagram- bm_bindra
Facebook- bm.bindraaccessories
Twitter- bm_bindra
Pinterest- bm_bindra
LinkedIn- bmbindra
Telegram- bm_bindraaccessories
YouTube- bmbindra

Location- bindra mobile, shahidan road, mahilpur, Punjab 146105

Opening time- Monday to Saturday 9am-7pm

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