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“Blogging Can Be Your Career” Explained By Diptajit Das.

“Blogging Can Be Your Career” Explained By Diptajit Das.

“I was just twenty two when life gave me a chance to explore myself. Being a Bengali i was way too fond of eating but, never did i had an idea of how this “hunger” is going to change my life a day.”

Diptajit Das, a passionate food blogger from “The City Of Joy” expresses his food journey from a nomad to a blogger. To him, the journey was never easy. There were ups and downs on the way but, turning back or getting distracted from his dream wasn’t his cup of tea.

“I always wanted to see myself being recognised as a “blogger” but, never got the courage to accept the ray of hope. Social sites amazed me with the people sharing food related contents and i too tried capturing plates of my own. It was early 2020 when a senior of mine encouraged me to take a step forward to this blogging industry. I was way too afraid to put a step since, i never had the confidence to fight back for myself, my contents. However, i started to push myself into this. Bloggers meet were common those day but the most unbelievable fact was me attending one! However, it was the first time in 2020 when I was being invited to a renounced brand of South Kolkata for a coverage. Getting myself treated as a guest to a place, recieving so much of appreciation was something that took me to the track.”

In today’s era, we often insist our children to achieve something in life. And, being a part of a middle class Bengali family, this “achievement ” often ends up screwing our grade cards or the unit tests that tend to decide our capabilities. We often catch up students miserably failing to be a doctor or that so – called engineer which they never wanted to be. Are we actually having a future apart from these pins? Let’s have a read on what Diptajit says on this.

” Being in a middle class family, i was not always appreciated for attending bloggers meet rather, was not even supported to the fullest. But, that didn’t stop me. Just like , a coin has two phases, every chapter of our life is linked to it. Although, i had a lot of haters who always tried to pull me down but , was lucky enough to have my family with me on this journey. But, i never neglected my studies. As, i always feel that everyday we should learn something new because, every chapter teaches us a lession.”

“Achievements” the term itself holds a ton of meanings. For a mother it’s seeing her child getting good grades and performing well in his/her life. On the other hand, for a doctor, it’s quoted for being able to save lives. For a father it’s seeing their son getting a salaried job and look after his responsibilities. For all these concludes to a stable source of monetization that is a must to run a healthy life. Then, the biggest question arises “Is blogging a good choice to fill the pockets?” Let’s see on what Diptajit says on this –

” I never dreamt of earning a single penny when I first stepped into this. I still remember, it was Nov 2020, when I was being invited for a restaurant coverage for the very first time. I tried my best to reach their expectations through my contents. At that time, i didn’t had very fair gadgets! But, i was lucky enough to get appreciated by a bundle of bloggers all around who helped me work on my flaws and improve myself each day. I joined Bhoj Adda, one of the largest food communities of Kolkata and soon became a permanent part of it. I turned the tables right then. The boy who started his career with Rs 5 has successfully proved himself by owning the costliest cellphone and i think this statement says it all.”

Growing up is always adventurous. We come along a long way and when we look back , we witness a lane of memories, a group of people we have already lost and a bunch who are still beside us to cherish forever. According to Diptajit, life may be unfair at times but, it’s always our final call on where we actually are. You can be a part of his journey by following him on Instagram, @hanglamo_with_dip.

“Failures and rejections are the most powerful weapons to win a battle of life.” – fellow blogger concludes.

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