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Bismita Acharya Spending Her Days At Meghalaya

When the whole country is burning in scorching heat of summer. Meghalaya is a life saver summer destination.
Meghalaya (Megh+alaya) is the north eastern state of india with is also known as Abode of clouds.
In short a perfect hideaway for nature lovers.

Author cum entrepreneur Bismita Acharya is currently spending her days at a small village of Meghalaya in the western part of Jaintia Hills named “Thangskai”. She is there for a school project and currently working for the same.

Here what she says about the place and people.

Thangskai is a village with beautiful people and their culture. The day I got an opportunity I came here to explore the place but as time passed I realised this place is not less than mystery the more I dig in the more is left to explore. It will take years to unfold every page of it. Apart from the place the people around are very gentle and friendly. And the climate here is perfect hideaway for summer. Nature is raw here and perfect photospot.

A village is located at western side of Jaintia Hills and is surrounded by different rivers and water bodies along with beautiful and floras around.

In short its a perfect hideaway for summer and a heaven for rain lovers.

Bismita Acharya is at Thangskai since 2 months along with her 2 teachers working and exploring the place.

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