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Author Sangeetha Sagar Made A World Record.

Author Sangeetha Sagar from Karnataka state, Raichur district, growing in beautiful place called Shaktinagar made a world record for writing a 19 S-liner poem and where all the starting letters of each line is ‘S’ as the ‘S’ is the 19th letter of the alphabetical order series at the age of 20 and her name entered in the INKZOID book of records.

About Author Sangeetha Sagar

Author Sangeetha Sagar is the sister of Suresh Sagar and a world record holder, from Karnataka state Raichur district where she grew up as a student with big dreams having ultimate passion on writing and words and words are the only drug she want to inhale everyday.

She worked as co -author in more than 50 plus books except this wrote more than 3000 quotes both in Kannada and English.

Apart from that wrote four solo book as author called bhavaneya madilalli (story of a believer), unique souls, shades of thoughts, ronnies ergoneswon won in more than 50 writing daily challenges
and got Indian noble award for her writing

Got a place in top 22 sensational writers of India
Even her name is in the list of top 17 glorious talents of the globe

Bhavaneya madilalli (story of a believer) is her own biography
Have passion about writing the poems, quotes, articles and books, love to read different kind of books..
Want to reach so many peoples heart by her words!

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