Author Sameer Bhatia Made A World Record

Author Sameer Bhatia from New Delhi made a world record for writing the maximum number of quotes (150 quotes) in 24 hours which included 80 hindi quotes and 70 english quotes. Along with this he also received Glorious Indian Awards and Bankim Samman 2023 By Web Story India. Sameer is also a poet, a musician, a painter, a songwriter and a teacher teaching music to students since more than 30 years.

About Author Sameer Bhatia

Author Sameer Bhatia is a multi-talented and multi-genre artist and musician, Sameer is a poet, a musician, a painter, a songwriter and a teacher who has been teaching music to students for more than three decades. Born on february 27th 1965 in a musical family, Sameer is a composer musician and a music teacher by profession. Around 40 years of varied experience in music field and he is presently teaching Music to small children since last 30 years.

About Sameer Bhatia’s Inspiration

Sameer Bhatia is inspired by his parents, He says his mother is a symbol of warmth, love, and affection , she’s a protector, a guide, a friend, and a super lady who is always behind his success.
His father, his role model, being one of the greatest creators in the pantheon of music-composers, who inculcated and taught music to him and this brought magic into his life to do incredible and unexplainable things. Later Sameer chose music as his profession. He has been an electronic musician (in his early years in the era of 70s and 80s) playing synth in recordings and stage programmes accompanying top most artists of India. Sameer has been blessed to play synthesizer with the legendery singers of India like Pandit Jaisraj, Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey, Suresh Wadekar, Kavitah Krishnamurti, Jagjit Singh, Lakshmi Shankar, Mahendra Kapoor, Anup Jalota, Vani Jairam, Savita Devi, Rajan Sajan Misra, Sudha Malhotra, Subha Joshi, Bhupinder and Mitali Singh, Hariharan, Anuradha Paudwal, Ajay Pohankar, Ram Krishna Chandeshri, Ravindra Sathe, Srikant Pargoankar, Shipra Bose, Uttara Kelkar, Ranjana Jogalekar, Chatur Sen, Rajender Kachroo, Malini and Nalini Nambiyar, Bashir Ahmed, to name few. He has being a musician in All India Radio’s soulful production of Ramcharitamanas.

About Sameer Bhatia’s Musical Performances

Sameer Bhatia has performed, composed, conducted, arranged, and directed music as a solo artist and was a part of a group and ensemble. He has performed on numerous occasions from a small audience to a large audience in government as well as private shows. He has even performed in front of Prime minister, President, ministers, diplomats, secretaries and the other VVIPs on numerous occassions. Sameer has played on centre stage in many top most government functions and seminars in reputed auditoriums, Vigyan Bhawan, All India Radio, Doordarshan, Drama divisions, NCERT, Films Division etc. He has also given background scores for tele films ( e. g Apka Bunty, Jhoomroo) and T.V Serial (Apna Apna Aasmaan).

About Sameer Bhatia’s Music Profession

Sameer Bhatia being a musician spent his early years in studios. From musical productions, jingles, background scores, doordarshan television, film divisions, NCERT, Tele films to All India Radio’s studio 1, Sameer has contributed with his musical talent. Music Profession includes dubbing cassettes for a music company. He has been teaching Music to children since last 30 years. Many students are excelling in various fields (in India and abroad) including Music for which Sameer feels proud. Sameer has been writing songs for quite some time now. He loves to write inspirational, devotional and theme songs.

About Sameer Bhatia’s Experience

Sameer Bhatia’s tremendous experience ignited his passion towards writing poetries which are mainly being inspired by the spectrum of human emotions. As he philosophized the essence of life. Sameer likes creating and sharing his memorable experiences through words. His poetry conveys concrete messages which can create a story or idea as effectively as a piece of prose.

About Sameer Bhatia’s Special Inclination

Sameer Bhatia has a special inclination towards writing songs and creating music. Being an author of several books, and with his extensive experience and tremendous talent, he is an icon in the field of writing. As he says he is voice of a common man. His writings are from the heart and touches everyone’s heart. He has written and contributed his poetries, songs etc. for many social causes both in English and Hindi.

Achievements Of Author Sameer Bhatia

  1. Wings to my Passion : 2021 “Best Versatile writer of the year award for the year 2021-22 presented by Opus Coliseum.
  2. Recipient of GOLDEN PEN AWARD for the best book launched awarded by JEC for the music book “Aao Gayen”
  3. Participated in the All India Essay Writing Competition for Educators ( Teachers) organised by VIVA EDUCATION
  4. COSMIC WRITER OF 2022 (cosmic publications)-(Dated 5th December ’22).
  5. Performed in front of VIPs in the platform “अंतर्राष्ट्रीय साहित्य महोत्सव”(Dated 28th December ’22)
  6. Upcoming top 15 talents of 2023 – Inkzoid book of records.(Dated 25th January ’23)
  7. Upcoming top 15 talents of 2023 – Glorious book of records.(Dated 27th January ’23)
  8. Special Honorable Mention (English) in Christmas Competition.(Dated 1st Feb ’23)
  9. Winning Distinction Award in INTERNATIONAL SHORT STORY CONTEST organised by Being Omnific.(Dated 5th Feb ’23)
  10. Making as a WORLD RECORD for writing the maximum number of quotes ( Hindi & English) in 24 hours.(Dated 9th Feb ’23)
  11. Special Honourable Mention in 7 ICONIC personalities of 2023.(Dated 1st March ’23)
  12. Being featured in a reputable online magazine “LIDUE”.(Dated 11th March ’23)
  13. Bankin Samman 2023, by Web Story India in the category of ‘Best Poet Of The Year 2023’ with Claim ID : OD45289060/BANKIM/37.(Dated 24th March ’23)
  14. Glorious Indian Award 2023, by Glorious books of records in the category of ‘Best Poet Of The Year 2023’ (Dated 1st April ’23)

Along with this he is

  1. Co – Author of 55 anthologies
  2. Solo Author of 3 books
  3. Solo book on Children’s Songs
  4. Co – Author for an International
  5. Member of 16 Writing
  6. Judged for a writing community
  7. Won on 84 occasions in various writing competitions.
  8. Won 81 Open Mics.
  9. Hoisted numerous poetry events.
  10. Took part in numerous podcast

Sameer Bhatia’s Heartfelt Thoughts

Sameer Bhatia’s heartfelt thoughts as quoted beautifully “Where words fail, music speaks and it becomes the divine way to tell beautiful things to the heart which comes out as any type of creativity ( whether composing music, painting or writing poems ) reduces anxiety, depression, and stress keeping you to move on in hard times. Also, engaging in creative behaviours leads to Achievements, Accomplishments, and Awards which serve as icing on the cake. For Sameer participating in numerous poetry competitions (written as well as oral) gives him the most satisfaction.

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