Author Ishika Saxena Received The Title Of Best Host Of The Year 2022.

Author Ishika Saxena Received the Title of Best Host of the Year 2022.

Author Ishika Saxena is an emerging author from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh who recently received the title of ‘Best Host of the Year 2022’. She is an Author, Writer and Co-Author. The words that describe her the best are Miss Driven, Reliable, Competent. She loves to write poetries, short stories, articles and daily diary writing. She also loves to draw cartoons. She believes in “Communicate to Express, not to Impress”. She has her own you-tube channel and instagram handle both are named as “thebrokenheartfeelings”.

About Ishika Saxena’s Achievements

Author Ishika Saxena Received the Title of Best Host of the Year 2022.

Ishika Saxena’s achievements includes two books written by her named “Scattered Pages of 2020” & “हाँ ! अब तुम जरूरी नही” published with different publications. In Her writing journey She has won many awards like “My Achievement Award 2021, Achivers award 2021 , OBP Motivational Award 2021 , Hall of Fame Award 2021 , Cherry book awards 2021 , Golden Arc Awards 2021, Fame in Frame Awards , Golden Globe Awards , Bhartiya Youth Face of India 2021, Hindustan Writer Award , Rising Star Award , Elite Book Award 2021, India Pride Award 2021, Millennia Award 2021 , India Fame Award , India Pride Award 2021 , Best Award 2021,India Youth Estha Award , Feminarc Award , FanatiXx Spectrum Award and more for being an author and a writer. She had been Co-Author in more than 65 anthologies by different Publication Houses and many more yet to come.

Things not only stopped at this, She is Content Writer and HR Manager at Enlightening Future Foundation.

Along with this She is Holding the Position of Event Director in Drop of Change Publication.

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