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Author Abhishek Kapoor is the Trendsetter in the Indian PR and Marketing Industry – Explained

Author Abhishek Kapoor is the Trendsetter in the Indian PR and Marketing Industry

Author Abhishek Kapoor is primarily a serial entrepreneur and an international bestselling author. Known for books like The Pride of t20 Cricket, The Selfish Betrayals, 11 Things To Know Before You Turn 35, Author Abhishek Kapoor is the founder of Indian PR and Marketing leader Digital Golgappa, one of the most loved celebrity magazines and personal branding champion The Eagle Eye Network, the most media covered and highly interactive digital book event Cherry Book Awards, popular digital news portal and awareness platform The Update India (formerly known as Jagruk India), a production house named ASK Entertainment, and several others. 

DNA India, Fox Interviewer, Midday, The Week, Newstracklive, Hindustan Times, and many other national and international media have often termed Abhishek Kapoor as the Trendsetter in the Indian PR and Marketing Industry. Here is why:

Why is Author Abhishek Kapoor the Trendsetter in the Indian PR and Marketing Industry?

  • A lot of youngsters are venturing into the PR and Marketing field today and in majority of the cases, they have started after seeing the success of Digital Golgappa. Abhishek Kapoor is the one who started this trend in the Indian PR and Marketing industry that was not well established till he entered it.
  • Almost everyone in the PR industry in India has been associated with Digital Golgappa at some point of time. If someone has not, then it is absolutely certain that they will associate sooner rather than later for their own business benefits.
  • There are a lot of insights about the PR industry that even over 90% of the people in the industry don’t know about, but Abhishek Kapoor has mastered it and almost everyone in the industry, including competitors look up to him for advice at various stages.
  • There have been a lot of other agencies trying hard to stand in a competition with Digital Golgappa (the original player in the industry), but there is not a single agency that can ever say anything against Digital Golgappa as the level of professionalism maintained by Digital Golgappa is rare to find in the industry.
  • A majority of services offered by Digital Golgappa were for the very first time offered in the industry by Digital Golgappa. Other agencies have copied the concepts, and are still trying hard, but Digital Golgappa always has something latest and trending for its clients.
  • Client retention is the highest for Digital Golgappa compared to any other agency in the industry. A major reason is again its professional approach and highest degree of services at affordable prices.

Abhishek, in one of his interviews mentioned that Indian PR and Marketing is completely different from other parts of the world based on the class of clients we have. Most agencies tend to provide the exact same solutions to all clients and that is where they falter.

In another session, Abhishek Kapoor stressed on the importance of being transparent. Digital Golgappa maintains the highest degree of transparency when it comes to any project, starting from the lowest cost features to highest brand promotion campaigns, and that is a trend that almost all other agencies fail to cope with. 

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