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Ashwini Kandha Pandiyan Received Incredible Indian Awards.

Ashwini Kandha Pandiyan Received Incredible Indian Awards

ASHWINI KANDHA PANDIYAN has her origin in Thammampatti, Salem, TamilNadu. Assistant Professor of English at Bharathiyar Arts and Science College. She has served as a source of general awareness, and the students have been inspired by her speech. She is a poet who is interested in exploring many literary genres and the world through the writing of poems. She makes good use of her time up until the eleventh standard by writing poems, stories, and showing an interest in drawing. She performed after graduating, sharing her experiences, and she took District level First prize. She has won numerous awards, earned certificates, and published poems in both Tamil and English. She received many Medals and Awards. She empowers herself by being self-assured. She is one of her aspirations to pen a poem and have it published.

Her desire came true, and she published two Solo books on her own. Readers of her work read it well and provide reviews. Her poetry deals with everyday human life and how to live and survive in a large society. Her English Poetry like “Experience of Life” and “Rhythm of Verse” have been published in two of her solo books. These poems contained accomplishments.

Our lives was changed by an experience. Life is full of learning, and most of it comes from the experiences we have on a daily basis. These experiences are largely reliant on our environment, where we continuously learn new things. Additionally, life gives you the chance to interact with individuals or visit locations that are truly unique.

Ashwini Kandha Pandiyan Received Incredible Indian Awards

Life experiences are all things. Dreams, irreparable tragedies, rich memories, and various scars that frequently surface in daily life cross our paths as we travel through life. The mind moves in a certain direction, even if life just moves a little. Even if it’s a rock or a thorn, the way forward is to cross over the wounds.
“An adventure is led by experience, guided by adventure, and stimulated by adventure”.

Poems in written form are among the wonderful creations of beautiful existence. God’s creation of nature as an expression of emotion. The poem depicts a moving song being sung in the midst of nature. In spite of the disagreements and heartaches in our life, this poem has developed into a daybreak of possibility. Put an end to any complaints by moving forward and toward the goal from the starting place. With the sound of hidden ragas, may this poem be heard throughout the entire planet. The melody in my poetry heals the wounds of the hurting and respects the feelings of the hearts who are moved. It is a piece of music that teaches the benefits of friendship while forgetting about the sorrow of family members. Knowing the music lyrics, it is clear that this poem is not only crazy but also healing medicine for everyone. This young poet writes in rhyme for the advantage of the popular at large.

She puts a lot of effort into her work. She expresses her gratitude to JEC Publication for making her works available to the entire world in book form. We appreciate you considering her for this Award. Being presented with the Incredible Indian Award is a nice event.

“Respect for effort,
Achieve Smartly,
To Captivate The Audience”

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