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Artist Vaishali Chhabra agrees with MP Home Minister Shri Narottam Mishra ji, calls Arjun Kapoor a wannabe

Boycott trend: Artist Vaishali Chhabra seemed impressed by MP Home Minister, Shri Narottam Mishra ji ‘s latest statement targeting Bollywood Actor Arjun Kapoor.

During a press event, the footage of which he also shared on his Twitter, Mishra said: `Instead of threatening people, Arjun Kapoor should rather focus on his acting.`

Reacting to the Narottam Mishra – Arjun Kapoor Bollywood Boycott incident, Artist Vaishali Chhabra said, “Shri Narottam Mishra ji is a highly respected person compared to a wannabe like Arjun Kapoor. It is just for publicity that Arjun uttered irksome words to promote himself and get into the limelight. The fact is that Arjun is a child of nepotism. Luck favours the brave, not the opportunist. So, there is nothing much to think about this apart from agreeing to Shri Mishra.”

Artist Vaishali Chhabra

Artist Vaishali Chhabra is a multi-talented girl from Noida, India. She has a passion for multicolour art and acting. She has won numerous awards for her magnificent dedication to her work. Vaishali normally takes up projects only if she is 100% sure that she can give it her best. She is the recipient of many recognitions, starting from The Eagle Eye Awards to Cherry Book Awards. A true Aaj Ki Naari, Vaishali will soon make her acting debut in an upcoming short film, also featuring Mohammad Salil Khan. The film whose title is yet to be revealed will also mark the directorial debut of Mohammad.

Artist Vaishali Chhabra has been featured in a number of digital and printed news and magazines. She is extremely thankful to Digital Golgappa, The Eagle Eye Network, Cherry Book Awards, The Update India, Web Story India, Hindustan Metro, Punjab Metro, Fox Interviewer, Sarhad Kesari, for whatever she has achieved until today. Chhabra loves making Reels and short videos and has already gained quite a good fan base on Instagram with her magnificent content.

“They call me the Multi-talented Princess of Noida, and I love it,” she says. “I am unique and there can never be anyone like me ever again,” she adds.

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