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Ankit Mitra-A Passionate Amateur Photographer From Kolkata.

Ankit Mitra

Ankit Mitra was born on 17th November 2002 at Kolkata in India.He is a Hodophile cum Adventurer.He is a passionate amateur photographer. His biggest inspiration is his uncle Bratin Mitra, who is a professional photographer, graphic designer, and animator. His uncle taught him the beautiful yet complex art of photography.

Due to his interest and his uncle’s guidance, he became what he was now. After so much hard work, he finally became a good photographer and got the exposure he was trying to get. He loves and enjoys shooting everything from street to wildlife to model to food, and he doesn’t want to be bounded in any fixed category. He said, “Photography isn’t bound to any particular categories. It fully depends on how the viewers are seeing or judging the photographs.”

In 2020 for the first time he worked as a paid photographer in an IGLAM fashion contest, In 2021 he stood among the Top 500 Photographers in Wallmag Creative Photography Awards 2020, he also worked as a videographer for TheKolkataBuzz, he was elected as the Committee Member of Techno India Group(TIG) Magazine on 31st January 2022 and his photos were first exhibited as well as sold in Vulcan Art Gallery on 24 June 2021.His photos were published in Labon Hrath(a local newspaper) and also published in www.createfelicity.com. He was also featured in an E-magazine of 3rd Eye named “উমা”.

He is a proud member cum photographer of many pages and communities among these his favourite community is Wallmag, and his top favourite pages are:•Kolkata_tumi•Royentson•CalcuttaphotozoneHe is also a good student and an artist; he completed his 7th year in drawing and painting when he was in class 10. His paintings were exhibited, and he won many awards and certificates. When he was in class 8, he stood second in his class in a Slogan Writing Competition. Because of his interest, he learned “origami”(the art of paper folding) and other handcrafts by himself. He also got a chance in India Got Talent (IGT) because of his fast origami skills.

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