Mega event Sports Festival International Karate Championship 2024 at Alamohan Das Indoor stadium on 5th May 2024(Sunday).

The excitement is palpable! In the City of Joy, Kolkata, the Sports Festival International Karate Championship 2024 will take place on May 5th, 2024, at the Alamohan Das Indoor Stadium, Howrah organized by Shihan Sanatan Haldar, the esteemed Founder and General Secretary of the S. SHITO RYU KARATE ASSOCIATION OF INDIA, alongside his dedicated student […]

Raebareli’s Technological Landscape Getting Redefined By Kosmo Files AI Bot

Kosmo Files AI Bot represents a pioneering project by Valuable Studio Productions founded by Kushagra Srivastava is tailored specifically for Raebareli, India and this AI bot transcends traditional boundaries, offering residents an unparalleled experience by curating a comprehensive magazine format that reflects the city’s pulse and unlike anything seen before, Kosmo Files harnesses the power […]

Raebareli City Is Ready To Get Revolutionized By Kosmo Files AI Bot Set .

On March 10, 2024, at precisely 11:11 AM, a groundbreaking creation at Raebareli, the Kosmo Files AI bot, will be unveiled to the world as crafted meticulously by Valuable Studio Productions, this innovative bot marks a historic moment as it becomes the first of its kind tailored specifically for the city of Raebareli, India. The […]

Top 9 Best Authors Of the year 2024 Ft Poetic Souls Publications.

Top 9 Best Authors Of the year 2024 Ft Poetic Souls Publications are Mayaa SH, Hima Harry, Dr R R Nisha Shri, Sabita Dakua, Soney Dr Arvinder, Krishna Kumar, Mayur Kalbag, Arjun Kumar Singh and Arun V Deshpande. Poetic Souls Publications is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating deserving talents while also nurturing emerging artists. We […]

Ankit’s Vision: JuniorNivesh and the Path to Financial Security for Children.

In an era where the cost of education is escalating at an unprecedented rate, ensuring a secure financial future for our children has become paramount. Ankit Chakrabarty, the visionary founder of IC Moneymart, has identified a pressing need among parents who either overlook proper investment planning for their children or rely on antiquated methods that […]

Brawn Of Self-Reliance – Ratna Lalitha Pasupuleti.

Ratna Lalitha Pasupuleti is a well-known personality as an Author, Writer, Educationalist, Podcaster and a Psychological listener & Hypnosis practicener, a woman with stubborn attitude and humble nature attuned in scribbling her name in countable World Records and achieved uncountable awards and rewards in perspective fields and education is her ideal and knowledge is her […]

FoodcaFiesta’24: The 2nd Edition of the Annual Food Festival of UEM.

FoodcaFiesta’24: The 2nd Edition of the Annual Food Festival of the University of Engineering and Management (UEM), Kolkata, promises a delectable extravaganza set to tantalize taste buds and celebrate culinary creativity. Scheduled for the 1st and 2nd of February 2024, from 12 pm to 5:30 pm, this gastronomic spectacle unfolds at the Basketball Court of […]


Get ready for a literary spectacle like never before as UEM Kolkata proudly presents the second edition of the much-anticipated Eutopia, a carnival of literature and creativity set to unfold on January 27 and 28. This year’s theme, “সাহিত্যে রায়,” promises an immersive journey into the unparalleled contributions of literary legends Satyajit Ray and Sukumar […]

Akhilesh Telkar Received Indian Icon Awards 2023.

Akhilesh Telkar is an Indian author who recently received Indian Icon Awards 2023 organised by INKZOID FOUNDATION and he has written Find “U” in “YOU” and See “U” in “YOU” acknowledged with the prestigious “Best Excellence Award” for his remarkable achievements. Raised by a single mother since his father’s departure at eight, his mother becomes […]