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Akhilesh Telkar Received Indian Icon Awards 2023.

Akhilesh Telkar is an Indian author who recently received Indian Icon Awards 2023 organised by INKZOID FOUNDATION and he has written Find “U” in “YOU” and See “U” in “YOU” acknowledged with the prestigious “Best Excellence Award” for his remarkable achievements.

Raised by a single mother since his father’s departure at eight, his mother becomes everything to him.

•16th -20th Year – Struggler

•20th -30th Year – Soldier

•30th -40th Year – Hunter

At the beginning of his career, he had 10Rs meals a day, seventeen years of his career were like a ship adrift, lacking direction and purpose.


He toiled for the goals of others, living a mediocre life without a clear path. Two years ago, a pivotal moment altered the trajectory of his career, propelling it to new heights, after a year’s experience in the corporate world, becoming an author was challenging. However, the author says the world has many opportunities; we must listen to our inner voice. In the realm of writing, he found his passion, a calling that had long eluded him as he gained experience and technology skills, he developed a passion for “Writing.” (Passion + Tech = Passiontech).

However, one question always bothered him,

“What is one thing you want to leave behind for the world?”

At that moment, “BOOK” occurs to him as a guiding torch, a document that will remain even after we leave this world.

The good news is that he develops the Find “U” in the “YOU” framework in the self-discovery journey.

And the book, See “U” in “YOU”, based on the topic “Passion, Career & Paisa”, the Unique life Guide, has 21 activities.

The turning point manifested when he secured the 37th Rank among 11,000 participants in Hashtagkalakar. Accolades followed with Star Awards at Passionpreneur, the prestigious Writeinfluence recognition for my literature piece in SEE U IN YOU, and the ultimate milestone of becoming an #AMAZON BEST Seller.

The pinnacle of recognition arrived with the Special INDIAN ICON AWARDS 2023 by INKZOID FOUNDATION.

Join him on this transformative journey!

Read the books to unravel the secrets of self-discovery, passion-driven careers, and financial success.

Akhilesh’s Dream is to live in a world of beautiful people where everyone understands each other and finds themselves by seeing “U in YOU” live happily.

On Mission To Unlock Human Potential Through Creative Books | Author| Mentor For Writers |Framework Find “U” in “YOU” | Unique Life Guide Creator Of See “U” in “YOU”| HashtagKalakar| PassionTech Mentor| Content Writer| Ghost Writer| Passion, Career & Paisa |

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  • “Outstanding Performance” category was awarded to me by Gurudev at Passionpreneur Connect 2022 in Pune.

•Individual Excellence at Altran Award for Outstanding Personal Contribution, Commitment and inspiration. The customer service experience in 2019.

•Award of Certificate of Excellence Outstanding Performance Award Performance and contribution Extraordinary service in 2010.

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