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Abhishek Mishra pens Down an incredible short story titled An Old Man

An Old Man

An old man who has 3 sons, is alone in this selfish world. He did all for his sons. His sons were never aware of this world and he was also not capable to do everything for his sons still he had lived his life, just lived, you can’t imagine upto how level, only he knew and he did beyond his level just for them. As time passed away he achieved his target, that target in which he only achieved and got satisfaction and he never get return after it and he was happy because he had never expected from them. After somedays he was happy to think that they are happy even if they don’t care for him.

Suddenly after sometime he decided to give surprise to meet them and he took 1 old bag, some rupees and some favourite food of them. With small smile he start journey to reach them.His journey was full of struggle just for save some money. After too much struggle he reached city, he tried many vehicle to reach the home of his son with minimum money but he didn’t succeed only due to save some money so he start pedestal journey at footpath and after sometime he tired and take some rest near some beggars unfortunately someone steal his beg and he become very sad and was in very poor condition it was very late night and he had no money even for some food.

He slept with beggars that night and in the morning he was in very bad condition and he has no money so he sit with beggars for some money and after some time he saw a car coming towards him and it was his two sons he smiles and he was very happy to see them and when the car come to him a small kid come to him and his father give him instruction to give some rupees to me in beg. In car kid ask his father why he is doing like this he told these beggars are very poor and he is doing this for survival of his family. Kid become very upset and pray to god to give family like him so that he can’t struggle in life like that. The old man listen all this conversation with father and kid and there were tears in his eyes and that car has been gone.

About Abhishek Mishra

He is Abhishek Mishra from madhya Pradesh, not a professional writer, At someday he was just sitting, just thought some topic and proclaimed to spread the thought but he is very thankful to that persons who appreciates him and give suggestions for writing.

writing is actually good source of communication with yourself what you are thinking what you want you can share through writing. Once he started writing it is going on, sometimes when he read his writing he also communicate with himself and observe his strength and weakness to be clear he discovered himself .
He is very thankful to all persons and platform who give him strength for writing.

Insta i’d – abhishek_mishra_mpeb

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