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A Young boy from Small District Gondia, Passion to Help People to Change there life.

A Young boy from Small  District Gondia , Maharashtra with Curiousity To Learn Multiple things and Passion to Help People to Change there life. Rahul Dongre (RD) On a Mission to Help million of people to Transform there life and Build their Business by Changing there Mindset and Habits. Many People wanted to Transform their life and start new Hustle but they fail because of their Mindset and Habits.  They only focus on earning Money but what habits and mindset are Required Behind it people don’t work on it. This is why  don’t able to manage a Balance between Work life and personal life.

They don’t understand the change will come from Within. So Rahul has Introduced a World class Mentoring program called ” Believepreneur”. A one stop program which covers various aspects on Mindset, Success Habits, Personal Development, Self Belief and Business Building.

Rahul Dongre, Founder of Believepreneur Was Born in Lower middle class Dalit Family where everyone is doing hard work and job to Earn the Bread and Butter for Home. His Father has a interest in Business but he is a Heavy Drunker which leads to destroy his career and Business dream. Rahul has seen the hard time and Results of Drinking in his family.  His younger Uncle loss his life due to Bad habit of Drinking which hit Rahul very deep in his Heart.

He decided to Change his habits and mindset and become Independent by Building his own Business empire. he also decided to Help people to come out of this habits and Build their Empire and become job Giver not the job seekers.

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