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A natural skincare brand which is different than others – Frescia.

The brain and heart behind creating this natural skincare brand – “Frescia” – is a girl who has a profound love for nature and draws inspiration from it.

Kankana Brahma has always been an admirer of nature and believes in its simple delights. She has always wanted to give back to nature for all of its wonders and has stepped foot into fulfilling that dream by launching her own handcrafted skincare brand. Frescia and its products have a deep-rooted connection to nature, and the brand has been crafting authentic and natural skin and hair care products to join hands and reconnect the community with nature.

In these current times, the industry is flooded with hundreds of skincare brands available in the market. The majority of these brands use chemical-laden and artificial ingredients, which end up causing far more harm and damage than they could possibly repair. Even if these products appear to work miracles on your skin and hair for the time being, in the long haul, they do nothing but harm them to their core. In a sea of chemical-rich skin and hair care products, what makes Frescia stand out is its natural ingredients and healing properties.

People have become more aware of the origins, as well as the pros and cons of the products they use. Frescia, as a brand, recognises the enormous importance of healthy products and proffers a helping hand to those who are striving for healthy skin and hair.

Frescia offers a variety of handcrafted skin and hair care products, ranging from body lotions and scrubs to shower gels and shampoos, all of which are infused with the goodness of natural ingredients like coffee, cucumber, tea tree oil, kaolin, etc. Every product is backed by years of research and development and curated with handpicked organic farm ingredients. They seek to deliver not just the best skin and hair care products but also to completely reinvent people’s skincare and personal care routines.

Frescia lives and breathes with the intention of creating a community that believes in and thinks that it is in giving that we receive. Frescia uses sustainable and beautifully handcrafted jute packaging and includes a small packet of seeds in every delivery as a token of love and care for you and mother nature. 

It has for a long time been a belief that good products come at the expense of nature. That good products and nature cannot co-exist, which is an ironical notion because we are and always will be a product of nature. Frescia is here to change the notion and make communities believe that brands and nature are connected more fundamentally.

Frescia exists to not just serve you with the best of skin and hair care products but also to foster an open community of individuals from all walks of life. 

From nature, for nature and with nature.

Website: https://www.myfrescia.com  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/frescia_naturals/

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